Spencer Signs can create a professional engraved or etched sign to meet your needs and budget on a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, aluminium, rigid laminates and wood.

Engraved signs are often used for information related to health and safety, and in many businesses are a requirement. Are you up to date with the requirements of the Disability and Discrimination Act?
Do you have the correct safety and tactile signage in place? Spencer Signs can provide all the signage you need.
Etching 1

Chemical etching is the ideal technique for wayfinding signage for office, hotel, apartment blocks and similar environments. Only available on 316 grade stainless steel which is the only grade that should be used outdoors in the UK

Etching 2

The graphics are recessed into the metal surface, so remain visible when viewed from an angle. Unlike surface prints, the graphics will not wear off during cleaning.

Digital Anoprinting 1

Digital Anoprinting is a unique process ideal for use in public buildings as they require low maintenance and cannot be defaced by scraping or peeling of the image.

Digital Anoprinting 2

The full colour digital process can create stunning effects using solid matt colours or a satin finish for a more reflective and brighter effect.

Spencer Signs can help your business stand out.

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